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A new slant on blogs

In my first post of this blog I wrote about my feelings when confronted the first time with the word “blog”. The first time I was “forced” to write a blog was when I joined Empower Network. About 3 to 4 posts I published, and that was it.

Later I startet the course “Quick Start Challenge” from Dean Holland, and again the starting point was a blog. At that moment I was more able to confront it. I thougt, at least I can write about something how it should not be done.

Then yesterday (4/29/14) I found an email in the inbox with the subject “I Have 3 Questions For You…”. I got curious and opened the email. Here is the headline:


My thoughts were “wow, he is interested in my goals, I have to answer only 3 questions and I receive something for free”.
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