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In my first post of this blog I wrote about my feelings when confronted the first time with the word “blog”. The first time I was “forced” to write a blog was when I joined Empower Network. About 3 to 4 posts I published, and that was it.

Later I startet the course “Quick Start Challenge” from Dean Holland, and again the starting point was a blog. At that moment I was more able to confront it. I thougt, at least I can write about something how it should not be done.

Then yesterday (4/29/14) I found an email in the inbox with the subject “I Have 3 Questions For You…”. I got curious and opened the email. Here is the headline:


My thoughts were “wow, he is interested in my goals, I have to answer only 3 questions and I receive something for free”.

Then the next part of the email:


My thoughts here for the part “I do some advanced things most bloggers do not” were “aha, he knows the rules of marketing, (create and deliver what is needed and wanted), so he starts with a survey. I want to know more about this guy”.

I continued to read:

I came to the name Rick Schefren. He is a person I highly admire as a top expert. As the sender of the email, Yaro Sarak, is connected with Rick, I have trust in Yaro in advance. If you don’t know Rick Schefren, so find him on Google and/or YouTube.

After receiving the bonus for aswering the 3 questions you get the choice of answering a real questionnaire about your goals, and with the bonus for the second survey there is another name connected with, Eben Pagan. Due to what I read earlier from (not about) Eben I consider him also an expert in marketing.

A short deviation:
Do you know the difference between “from” and “about”?

I read something from Mr. X. –> it is something that he wrote. You may agree or not.

I read something about Mr. X. –> it is an opinion, and it could be as well a part of a Black PR campaign. (Black PR: kind of libel and slander)

For quality information go to the source of the information and don’t relay on opinions.

Back to blogging: do you want to listen or read the interview from Yaro Sarak with Rick Schefren (mp4 and pdf)? Then click the link below. (Opens in new window)


As 3 expert internet marketers, Rick Schefren, Eben Pagan and Yaro Starak, give so much attention to a blog, I realized more and more the importance of a blog as a start to your internet marketing empire. With a blog you encounters many aspects of i-marketing within one website.

When you deliver content which your audience likes and is of value for them, then a next step for you could be to create a membership site under the header of “residual income”.

What do you think about it?

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