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This is my very first post on my first blog. When I started my adventure in Internet Marketing some years ago I often read “you have to have a blog and be in communication with your audience, fans or readers”.

This idea terrified me. I should write every day one or more posts? About something the readers are interested in? What should I write about? Where can I find articles or stories which the visitors would like?

I nearly went in apathy. If you feel like me then I have good news for you. The good news is that I realized that writing a blog post is not so difficult. The main thing is to provide value to your visitors. To find out the problems and to deliver a valuable answer to your audience is the key to success. And you don’t need to write every day a scientific paper about an internet marketing aspect. You may as well write about yourself.

One thing you will often hear on your journey to Internet Marketer is “you need to have a mentor”. But you also find out, that well known mentors may cost you several 100 or 1’000 dollars. And when you are like me, who wants to quit the financial stress, then most probably you don’t have that much money.

What solutions do you have? You may search in Google for “make money online” or something similar or click on Facebook Ads with “how to make $300 a day”. Then you make the same experiences as I did over some time: you get overwhelmed by the flood of information.

Even worse, you fall into “the shiny object syndrome”. You get excited about an offer, you buy it, you read it, you watch the videos, you start to implement it, you feel that there are missing information, you find another shiny object, get excited again and think, that is now my solution to earn more money.

This can become a deadly way which I know from experience. But then, once upon a time, you find a needle in the haystack. That is what happened to me lately. What I learned till then is that you need an automated system, called a SALES FUNNEL, which helps you reduce the same basic tasks over and over again and gives you the time for steady optimization.

As the needle in the haystack, I found an internet marketer who offered a 5 week course called “Quick Start Challenge”. It provides you with the essential basic information and answers you questions on the way to a working sales funnel.

This course started on 10th of April 2014 and is now closed. It is the second edition (first was 2013), and will probably open again in 2015. In new posts I will show you alternatives you may attend now.

And the answer to “why I changed my mind about maintaining a blog”: a blog belongs to that course. Now you know why I joined the blog post writers.

My intention with the course and this blog is:

  • To study and apply the knowledge from that course.
  • To write posts about what I learned since I started with Internet Marketing and what I learned from “Quick Start Challenge”.
  • To give you my good and bad experiences I made so far.
  • To help you on your way with tips and answered questions in your comments.
  • To recommend you products which help me in my business.

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PS: On this blog I have the free plugin “WP Inject” installed. (Plugins –> Add New –> search for “WP inject”). With this plugin you can search for free photos. In my first test of the plugin I found this photo, which I don’t want held back from you

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