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A new slant on blogs

In my first post of this blog I wrote about my feelings when confronted the first time with the word “blog”. The first time I was “forced” to write a blog was when I joined Empower Network. About 3 to 4 posts I published, and that was it.

Later I startet the course “Quick Start Challenge” from Dean Holland, and again the starting point was a blog. At that moment I was more able to confront it. I thougt, at least I can write about something how it should not be done.

Then yesterday (4/29/14) I found an email in the inbox with the subject “I Have 3 Questions For You…”. I got curious and opened the email. Here is the headline:


My thoughts were “wow, he is interested in my goals, I have to answer only 3 questions and I receive something for free”.
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1000 Affiliate Offers in 5 Days with CBChief

It is doable. Even with creating 13 Videos for each Clickbank category I used and uploaded on YouTube. You find the proof when you click the image below. But if it is wise to put so many different offers into one website is another question which you have to answer for yourself.

onestopshopClick the image and the site opens in a new window.

What is this “Rapid Creation Affiliate Offer Pages” miracle? It is a WordPress plugin called CBChief (Clickbank-Chief).

Here is an abstract from the salespage:

CB Chief

To see the whole salespage click on the abstract above. Opens in a new window.

My first post

hope photo


This is my very first post on my first blog. When I started my adventure in Internet Marketing some years ago I often read “you have to have a blog and be in communication with your audience, fans or readers”.

This idea terrified me. I should write every day one or more posts? About something the readers are interested in? What should I write about? Where can I find articles or stories which the visitors would like?

I nearly went in apathy. If you feel like me then I have good news for you. The good news is that I realized that writing a blog post is not so difficult. The main thing is to provide value to your visitors. To find out the problems and to deliver a valuable answer to your audience is the key to success.¬†And you don’t need to write every day a scientific paper about an internet marketing aspect. You may as well write about yourself.

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