Juerg Elsasser

My name is Juerg Elsasser and I am from Zurich, Switzerland. Switzerland is sometimes mixed up with Sweden, another European country. So you may have a look at the map below to find the small country Switzerland and the much bigger Sweden in the north.

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I was born 1943 in Bern, the capital of Switzerland. When I was 2 years old my parents separated, and a few years later divorced. I am single child, played some sports like handball and later basketball. My 6 1/2 feet body size were quite an advantage.

After the school leaving examination I went to Zurich at the Federal Institute of Technology and studied electronic engineer. After the diploma I was with IBM, NCR, WANG and some smaller companies.

In Switzerland every male has to do military service. I climbed some military career steps and ended as a Captain and Company Commander with a company of 200 men and 10 women.

In 1986 I made the step to self-employment. About 5 years ago I became aware of internet marketing and decided to give it a try. As I still worked about 80% it went fairly slow. I fell almost in any trap you can imagine, no longterm planning, buying a lot of shiny objects, had no mentor, fight against procrastination.

Then on new year 2014 I decided “that was it, 2014 will be my year of change in the internet marketing business”. It was also the time when I started to understand what a real internet marketing business is. It is not just creating some websites, place some affiliate links in these sites and wait for visitors.

I did my planning, do just one thing (building an automated sales funnel within the course “Quick Start Challenge”), starting this blog as part of the course and preparing myself to help all newbies to start their internet marketing business with success.

I will publish regularly my successes and flops so you can learn from them.

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